Intention — the world flow with

Intention the world flow with

We are in an era where anger, hatred, and fear the destructive emotions recite within and exploring through the shocking reactions. To overcome these and transform into peace, calm and harmonious the constructive emotions have to create. Therefore, training of the mind is the most need for all of us.

What happens when you hold anger, fear and hatred emotions inside? It destroys your inner peace. Alcohol and drug is not medicine. There is no medicine to kill those destructive emotions, but an antidote is within us that constructive emotions like patience and compassion.

For example, physical health; Good health will not be achieved through prayer, but through taking care of your body and by avoiding germs, and negative things. Then the immune system will increase. Similarly, the mental level too. Firstly, we should identify what kind of emotion is destructive, and what kind of sensation is the antidote to these negative emotions. That’s the way of training our mind. That’s the only way! The physical hygiene is part of the education system, we should include hygiene of the emotions.

Dalai Lama

The world flows with intention. India is a land of saints, and the country people are blessed by these spirits. What intentions are? Do you know what it means? Let know the proper meaning from stanza “Vaishnav Jan” — is a being of God who has excellent qualities like purity. A poem was written by the first poet of Gujarati language Adi Poet Shri Narsinh Mehta.

He was a devotee of Lord Shri Krishna and a peace seeker who conveyed a beautiful meaning of intention by his poems and pieces of literature for the same. The best fit, and a very likely poem “વૈષ્ણવ જન” “VAISHNAV JAN” is sufficient to get the idea on intentions well. Mahatma Gandhi — father of nation India loved this poem a lot and inspired everyone. The song was re-sung and re-created by artists from 124 countries to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

How to purify the human’s intentions? How would he/she be? Let’s get into the content intentions. Here is the verse

A God called soul who understands others pain. A being helps those people who are in pain whenever they need and not swagger it. He/she is egoless, possesses pure intentions. It is such a quality people would have who are very close to self-realisation and successful to understand life itself.

After the understanding of intentions, now turn comes to go deep on the same.

A person who is pure with his/her intentions is respecting the entire world, he/she do not depreciate anyone. He keeps focusing on his words, actions and thoughts to maintain as pure as longer. A mother is proud to have a child with righteous intentions.

A human who is full of spirit and moving towards achieving his goal has no concern for backbiting and time too. He is in truth by his thoughts, speeches, and actions with very respectful ways. A mother proud of knowing his child did good actions.

A very very important verse to understand now, it’s the middle part of the poem and quite mysterious to perceive the essence.

A person who practices meditation can get effortlessly, he whose mind is in the state of equanimous forever. He who left desires and for him women are mothers. He speaks truth only and doesn’t envy others’ resources.

A meditator has a deep understanding of the equanimous state of mind. Because he practices seeing everyone is similar to him. He did not find any difference between man and woman, big and small, rich and poor, right and wrong. Everything is equal to him. He is free from desires and bows down to all women as like his mother. As he is nirvanic, thus no wants others’ wealth and who doesn’t speak untruth.

He is detached, and mundane does not pervade him. He has surrendered himself to beloved Lord Rama and all holy places of pilgrimage embodied in him.

He has beyond aversion and hatred internal and external self as well. He crossed a boundary from this fantasy world, and nothing attracts him to personify. He chose lord Rama which means who has no attraction or aversion, is surrendered to the higher self. A liberated soul experiences the holy places within as he is enlightened.

He is free from selfishness and dishonesty. He won over lust and anger. Poet Narsinh is grateful for witnessing such a spirit, and good deeds liberated their whole generations.

A person carried negativity, bad habits, and deeds from past births. He can be free from the circle of illusion and be honest and selfless by practising meditation. He does go beyond lust and anger to experience godliness within following the same spiritual practices. As the first poet of the Gujarati language Narsinh Mehta thankful to witness his beloved lordship, Shri Krishna, in each self and share that by being honest, faithful, and trustworthy to yourself and others liberates you from the cycle of birth and death.

A person who had good intentions and yet his aura around the globe flowing the same vibrations with great expressions through his meaningful creation.


Meditate Meditate Meditate.



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